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luxury fur beanbags

Bean Bags R Us Releases New Luxury Bean Bag Collection

Australian Innovators Appeal to the Senses with New Posh Product Line.┬áBean bag furniture manufacturer Bean Bags R Us, known for their premium quality refillable bean bag chairs and lounges, has…

are beanbags dangerous

Are Bean Bags Dangerous?

After reports of two deaths and a massive recall, some people are beginning to question the safety of bean bags. The circumstances that led to two children losing their lives…

hosting the perfect bbq

How to Host the Perfect Barbecue

One of the best parts of summer is attending all of the fantastic barbecues. If you are anything like me, your friends and family jump at any excuse to hold…

worlds most expensive beanbags

Are These the World’s Most Expensive Bean Bags?

The world of auto racing may have just inadvertently spawned the most expensive bean bags in history. Bean bags are used in many sports, and auto racing is no exception….

beanbags reduce stress

How to Reduce Stress With a Bean Bag and a Midday Nap

Although the Spanish seem to have known this for centuries, new scientific research shows that napping is one of the most beneficial activities you can do. The only major problem…

beanbags for offices

How Bean Bag Furniture Improves Staff Productivity

Most of us have encountered bean bag furniture at some point in our lives, but these encounters almost always occur in private, residential settings. You may see small bean bags…

beanbags for libraries

Mobile Library Helps Kids Read with Bean Bags

The Klein Independent School District (ISD), located just outside Houston, Texas, has developed an innovative way to help children learn, and the primary tools that make this possible are a…

New Bean Bag Cinema Opens in Hucknall

After two years of planning, fundraising and building, moviegoers were finally able to attend opening night at the West Hucknall Community Cinema Club, which features a range of seating options,…

World Cup Bean Bags

World Cup Merchandise Now includes Bean Bags

The World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world. The competition has been played every four years since 1930, and this year, 32 out of 208 FIFA…