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furniture recalls

What Are The Five Biggest Furniture Recalls of all time?

Recently, Comfort Research’s Ultra Lounge line of beanbag chairs was forced to issue a recall on more than 1,000 chair covers. Although no company enjoys having its name associated with…

Prince William in Malta, sitting on a bean bag

How did Prince William Enjoy Bean Bags in Malta?

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, had been scheduled to visit Malta for the celebration of its 50th year of independence, but she had to cancel her trip after suffering from…

bean bags help reduce back pain

How to Reduce Back Pain with a Bean Bag Chair

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), approximately 31,000 people in the United States experience back pain

cool bean bags at a party

How To Host The Perfect Cookout With Bean Bags

As the weather gets warmer, many will find themselves eager to break out the grill and start planning a cookout for their friends and family. There are many ways to…

soft furnishings for lake house

How to Find Perfect Gift Ideas for Lake House Owners

Summer is just around the corner, and your favorite lake house owners will be getting ready to enjoy the sun with their friends and families. Living in a lake house…

bean bags for boats

What is the Best Bean Bag for my Boat?

Many people ask us how they can get the comfort of a bean bag while they are relaxing on their boat. The great news is that there is a range…

lambswool beanbags

Bean Bags R Us Launches Poufs & Ottomans Collection

At Bean Bags R Us, we are excited to introduce our new range of premium poufs & ottomans. Made from the finest materials and designed to complement our beautiful bean…

beanbags for offices

Is This the Ultimate Workspace?

Offices have changed quite a bit over the past couple of decades. They were once stuffy, unenlightened spaces consisting of nothing but rows of white and gray cubicles, but the…

gaming bean bags

Which Chair Is Best for Long Hours of Gaming?

Although your parents or significant other would argue the point, there is nothing wrong with spending long hours in front of a computer or console gaming system if that is…

bean bags safety

Bean Bag Starts Fire at Lingerie Tycoon Michelle Mone’s Home

A recent spate of celebrity house fires has put fire departments and brigades on alert on both sides of the Atlantic. However, what is disturbing about this news is that…

luxury fur beanbags

Bean Bags R Us Releases New Luxury Bean Bag Collection

Australian Innovators Appeal to the Senses with New Posh Product Line. Bean bag furniture manufacturer Bean Bags R Us, known for their premium quality refillable bean bag chairs and lounges, has…

are beanbags dangerous

Are Bean Bags Dangerous?

After reports of two deaths and a massive recall, some people are beginning to question the safety of bean bags. The circumstances that led to two children losing their lives…

hosting the perfect bbq

How to Host the Perfect Barbecue

One of the best parts of summer is attending all of the fantastic barbecues. If you are anything like me, your friends and family jump at any excuse to hold…

worlds most expensive beanbags

Are These the World’s Most Expensive Bean Bags?

The world of auto racing may have just inadvertently spawned the most expensive bean bags in history. Bean bags are used in many sports, and auto racing is no exception….

beanbags reduce stress

How to Reduce Stress With a Bean Bag and a Midday Nap

Although the Spanish seem to have known this for centuries, new scientific research shows that napping is one of the most beneficial activities you can do. The only major problem…